7 Facts versus Myths of Grilling

Did you know that “Grilling” is considered to be the ultimate form of summer cooking? Just imagine how awesome it is to spend a day of backyard grilling with friends – definitely a must-do as much as anytime possible! But it is actually easy to mess up with grilling. So if you want to be a “Grill Master” you have to at least know how it should be.  Here are 7 common mistakes or wrong beliefs that can mislead you in achieving the perfect grilling experience!


Myth #1:  No need to preheat. As soon as you have prepared the coal/wood and made the fire, you can start grilling.
Fact:It is important to not commit this mistake. Make sure that it is hot and warmed up for about 20 minutes or 30 minutes and then you’re good to grill! Having a hot grill will ensure that the will have the mouthwatering crisp and alluring caramelized look on the outside. At the same time, the inside is tender and moist.  If it is not preheat long enough, then it will be overcooked because you’ll have to wait for the outside to have the nice char you want.

Myth #2: 
Oil the grill grates instead of the actual food.
Fact:DON’T OIL the grill grates. It can cause dangerous flare ups and make your food taste bad.  You have to oil the food instead to prevent them from sticking and will be easier to clean after you’re done grilling.

Myth #3:  You have to keep the air vent closed.
Fact: Most grills consist of top and bottom vent which can help you adjust the temperature and easily control the flame. The vents should typically kept open to let in the air fed the fire (bottom vent) and keep the air flowing (top vent). If you close it all the way the fire might just die and you’ll have to start all over again.

Myth #4: There’s no such thing as grill hot spots because you can grill anywhere you want it.
Fact: There are actually some parts of the grills that seem to be hotter than the other sides. A Toast test is the solution to find the hot spots. Place some bread all over your grill to see which part or grill zone cooks hotter and faster. Take advantage of starting on the hot spots to get a deep flavorful crust and then finish up the meat on the cooler zone.


Myth #5: Constantly open the lid to keep an eye for that perfect grill.
Fact: DON’T constantly opens the lid because you’ll lose the heat. Keeping the lid keeps the heat in and fully cooks the meat evenly.

Myth #6:
No need to soak your wooden skewers in the water before using them for grilling.
Soaking the bamboo skewers in the water for about 30 minutes before easing the meat through can make them slightly prone to burning. Keep in mind that they are standardly easy to get burn particularly at the end.

Myth #7:
Flip your steak only once!
Fact: Actually if you want to cook your steak evenly, flipping only once is not enough.  So don’t be afraid to flip every minute as you see fit. Also, don’t poke holes in your steak. You must avoid the “poke and turn” method while the steak is hot and cooking because the juice will surely leak making it drier.

These are just a few of the major grilling mistakes you have to avoid. We can help you in learning more the about the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” when it comes to grilling. Feel free to explore our site, read our other blogs and you’ll soon be a “Grill Master” before you know it! Let’s keep grilling but make sure to hire a Pest Control so your grilling experience won’t be spoil.