The Ways of Grilling

More than Just Heat and Smoke

It is not just about starting a fire, deciding whether you’ll be using gas or charcoal and more than just trying to smoke some meat. Grilling is so much more that you can possible think of. As such, multiple techniques are created and methods are utilize depending on what food you desire to grill. Whether it is steak, poultry food, seafood and even vegetable, there are particular grilling techniques that seems to be appropriate than the other.

The main idea is actually to effectively customize your method of grilling in order to come up with the great taste as expected from the mastery of grill cooking. However such factors other than food type is put into consideration and it is namely the heat source and even the weather (if you’ll be grilling indoors or outdoors).

So we have decided to share a few grilling techniques which we believe to be the best among the methods. You can then have the chance to have a great grilled meat/fish as if cooked from an elite gourmet restaurant!

Learn the Best Grilling Techniques!

No need to worry about grilling something fancy because with these grilling techniques you can cook good food or perhaps come up with your very own masterpiece!

· Direct Heat Grilling. As the most basic and common method, you can easily understand how this works – direct heating of course! You may use charcoal, gas or wood to light up the grill and be the heat source for your cooking. Usually, this is the method for hamburgers, sausages, chops, kabobs and steaks.

· Rotisserie Grilling. Considered to be quite popular nowadays, this is a type of grilling technique wherein the food is placed inside a chamber. It has a motorized turn spit or in most cases, rotating skewers. It is also called “Spit Roasting”. This is best applied when cooking whole birds, roasts and even ribs.

· Outdoor Grilling. This is not actually a technique but rather refers to the place you wish to grill. However a few great example for this is Plank grilling. The first one uses plank as the heat source wherein the food is placed on it which then infuses the food with its’ unique “wood flavor”.

Hope you enjoy our blog. There is more we would love to tell and share with you! Feel free to explore, find out our new recipes and get to discover more of yourself as a soon-to-be Grill Master!